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The Land Of Hope For Dumpster Doggies - Emergency Shelter

Updated: May 8, 2019

We are asking for your help to help us buy the land that will become emergency shelter for our dumpster doggies who are in greatest need. Those are abandoned puppies, doggies recovering after spay/neuter surgeries, and doggies in treatment.

Till now we have been traveling to various areas to feed the dogs and give treatments to the sickest ones. The most far away dogs are the ones in greatest need as it is hard to see them on regular basis. Many of them are sick and on the verge of death from starvation.

Having land where we could put primitive shelters to bring the most in need dogs from various regions so we can nurture them back to life, or so that we can start spay/neuter project will help a lot the dogs, us, and this whole region. We wish to provide locals with the option to bring the dogs to us, or call us about the dogs instead of harming them. We want to also pave the road for solving the stray problem in a kind way.

We know that the land on which we could build the emergency shelter would have to have water, electricity, be close to where we live yet far from residents, be big enough to home many dogs, and finally it would have to be of the cheapest so we could afford it with your help.

We searched and we found such land!

Below are the photos from the scouting trip we took. We love this land and we believe it is a perfect emergency shelter for our doggies. We love the surrounding forest that will keep us sheltered.

A family from Holland already offered to build primitive shelters for the dogs and to put fence around the land.

The price of the land is around $9,000.00. The owner of the land kindly agreed to wait for us for 3 months to collect the money under condition we pay half the price up front.

The land for the shelter.

Forest surrounding the land.

We are planning to care for about 100 to 200 dogs at the very start. As mentioned, advantage will have dogs in greatest need, sick dogs, abandoned puppies and doggies recovering from spay/neuter surgery. Once the dogs are recovered we will bring them back to their packs which will free space to treat other dogs.

Know that many of these dogs have never experienced any kindness from people but from us. The winter in Kastamonu is very cold. Many of the dogs lack fur and are malnutritioned and will have hard time surviving this winter.

We are doing our best to feed them, to get them stronger, to help them survive and at the same time to do as many spay/neuter surgeries as we can. Having this land would enable us to do more for them.

To help with our long term expenses we are planning to develop outreach programs, services, and also to facilitate adoptions.

Bigger Picture

With our work, we want to not only reduce suffering of the stray dogs around us, but also we are hoping to inspire kindness towards stray dogs across Turkey.

We are hoping to pave the road for other volunteers, to show and inspire solving stray animal problem in compassionate and kinder ways than currently put in law in Turkey.

We will document our work, expenses, progress, and steps along the way in hopes to become a model to other volunteers.

Right now we are all they have.

We who are able to do the field work, we do and we will continue doing everything in our power for this project. We will continue showing up and doing the work. We will continue being there for them and for all of you who aren't in opportunity to help in person.

If you would like to help but you can't help in person, please help us pay for this land. There is no too small or too big donation. We will appreciate everything. 100% of our money will go towards this land. We have the opportunity now, so please help us seize it.

All donations, transactions, and paperwork involved in this project will be public and posted on this website and on GoFundMe page for the project.

Please donate now...