We have never had stable income that we can count for the doggies, and opening Patreon account is a first such experience for us.  

We are relieved that we'll be able to somewhat plan and count on funds coming in for food and other expenses. There are many dogs and they have many needs and many hungry bellies. We hope to having to do less calculations around should we buy food or medicine, because we don't have enough for both or because we don't know if we'll have enough for food tomorrow. 

If you wish to help us monthly with 5 or more dollars, please check out our Patreon.


We feel that we are asking a lot from you, and we want to give you back in the way you know that your help is worth it.  

We are considering more live videos with more details for Patreon subscribers to show you what we are doing and planning to do. We are looking forward to it.