Update 04/25/2019

Over the past few weeks, we have received an overwhelming amount of love, care and financial support for this campaign for which we cannot thank you enough. We are grateful and we appreciate your compassion and your earned money that you so selflessly share with us.


We have reached our campaign goal and decided to close the GoFundMe spay/neuter campaign for the moment. Reasons for this are good! 

Parallel to this campaign we are having a campaign to build emergency shelter. Having a shelter will contribute a lot to our long term success with the spay/neuter campaign. It will allow us to keep the dogs there after the surgeries. Just this alone will reduce the costs of spay/neuter treatment by a good chunk, hence, we will be able to spay/neuter more dogs for less money! This is why for the next month we are focused on the campaign for the shelter and working on realizing that project. In parallel we will continue to spay and neuter but will wait till we have the shelter to start another campaign related to mass spay/neutering of our doggies. 


Winter is coming and even adults have hard times surviving, not to mention puppies. Our goal is prevent as many pregnancies as possible before winter come. 

Build shelter fund campaign: 


General donations to PayPal: 




Dumpster Doggies' Team




Dear Friends,


You probably know by now the hard lives of stray dogs in Turkey. The authorities systematically capture dogs, dump them in forests and leave them to die from starvation. They do a lot worse, too. There is no punishment for crime over stray dogs in Turkey. The dogs are suffering and we are trying to help them as best as we can. A big part of our work is to reduce number of births to end future suffering. The surgeries are expensive for us, but we still do them because you care, because of your generosity. 

This is our spay/neuter campaign.

A surgery for one dog today, ends suffering of many tomorrow. 

The cost of neutering a single dog which includes:
Neutering operation,
Post operation antibiotics,
Post operation immune booster medication, and
Post operation 1 week clinical observation period
comes to $80 USD*.

Write us a note for your donation which dog you like to sponsor and we make sure to get back to you with the updates and surgery photos of that particular lucky doggie. Sponsor via PayPal by clicking on Donate button or with GoFundMe.

*disclosure about the price: in the larger area where the doggies live, there is only one vet who performs these surgeries. At the beginning of our campaign a surgery price was $65 for both males and females. The vet later increased the price to $80 as some medicines increased in price, he explained. As soon as we have our own emergency shelter where we can keep the dogs post surgery, we will be able to look for a cheaper vet a bit further out of the area. Please spread the word about our build-shelter campaign to help us reach this goal. In the meanwhile, we will continue to spay and neuter as many dogs as possible.   



4th Update - 10 of February 2019 

Dear friends and donors,
Previous week we spayed/neutered 4 more doggies with your help. Every week we take 4 doggies, they undergo surgery, they are given mange shots so they’ll be free of this parasitic infection. They’re given vitamin shots too during this recovery period. And the most important they’re given rabies vaccine shots.
Also we transported a sick doggie (with a vaginal tumor) to Ankara and paid for the transportation.
We also bought some food but I can only add 3 photos here, I’ll add the food invoices to my next update.

3rd Update - 30th of January 2019 

Dear friends and donors in the past week we spayed 3 doggies and neutered one. We keep them in the recovery area for 10 days before we take them back to the feeding zones, so they are fully recovered.
We took four more doggies to the clinic but in the ultrasound check up one turned out to be pregnant so we’ll be able to spay only three for this week.
Thank you for your support to end the suffering.

2nd Update - mid January, 2019 

Dear Friends and donors,
With your invaluable support we were able to spay/neuter 10 doggies and 7 cats this moth.
I have the invoices of the 5 doggies and will keep attaching invoices and photos of the surgeries here as I receive them from the vet. 
I try to attach as much photos as I can so I make photo collages.
We hope we’ll be able to spay more doggies as the weather warms up.
And we also bought food as usual.
Please keep following and supporting our work now you’re a part of it, now we’re a big team.
Thank you all for your genuine support.

1st update - January, 2019 (60 dogs left to spay/neuter out of 70)

Dear friends, donors,
Our goal is to target the neutering/spaying of 70 stray doggies. We already covered the cost of 10, thus your donations will empower us to help the remaining 60.
As you know food, medication and continuously used resources are very important to us. So our priority is feeding them
We were able to order 43 bags (15kg) dry and 60 cans of wer food support to our volunteers.
Thank you so much for your support and kind hearts!