We are grateful on all the support we have received so far! We made amazing progress towards the emergency shelter. All updates are here on our GoFundMe.  We have there in the Updates section the progress photos, videos, and explanations. Hope you enjoy seeing our shelter built! :)



















































Previous Updates: 


More progress! 

We made amazing progress in the past couple of months! We are now at about 6800 USD! We have more conviction and strength than ever to push through the final miles. We see the finish line! 

We are thanking to all of you who helped us get here! We cannot thank you enough. Your kind gift to the doggies will be well used and honored. We can't wait to celebrate with you and to show you the change you help bring about! 



End of February (all efforts combined) ~ $6,800 

Thank you!!!! 

2nd update: 

We are making progress! 

EOD 12/17/18 we have a total of $2384!

Facebook Fundraiser: $939 
This GoFundMe: $1445

Thank you all so much!! Dumpster doggies need us and we are making it happen for them! 

1st update: 

On this beautiful Sunday morning, 12/02/2018, we have collected in total $685 towards the emergency shelter. 

1) GoFundMe page: $335 ! :) 

2) Facebook campaign: $350 ! :) 

3) Paypal: $0 :) 

Thank you all so much! We will get there. 

Every dollar counts. 


The video is lower quality, but it gives an idea what Winters bring to homeless dogs. Thank you for helping us prepare for this Winter.Thank you! 

Many doggies freeze to death every Winter especially puppies, dogs with light hair/fur, and weak doggies that are sick and are missing patches of fur. Sebahat makes fire for them to warm them up whenever she can. No worries, they are never left alone with the fire. 

To support building of the shelter with your donations: 

For Germans: https://www.dumpsterdoggies.com/spenden

Our greatest hope is to complete the shelter before the Winter so we can bring in the doggies that have little to no chance of surviving the snow and blizzards that Kastamonu gets. 

Thank you for enabling us with your support, care, and donations. We hope you are happy with our progress. Hope you feel that we used the fruits of your labor well, your donations. Hope you are proud to have helped us.

We can't be happier knowing that this Winter has a chance to be different, to be the kindest so far for our dumpster doggies. 

Many tail wags, doggie smiles and kisses from our Dumpster Doggies and a heartfelt THANK YOU from their Team.