​The Land For The Shelter

Read more about the land Sebahat found for the dumpster doggies. We dream it becomes the emergency shelter they need. We plan to start with 100-200 sick and starved dogs, abandoned puppies, or dogs that are recovering from spay/neuter surgery. Right now we don't have any space that we could use as storage or as doggie recovery space. Our ability to help strays would enormously improve with having this land, and most importantly we could finally start spay/neuter project if we had the emergency shelter we plan to build. Please help help the dumpster doggis. Please donate. Every penny counts. 

​Meet Sebahat

Meet Sebahat, a kind soul from Turkey. These days she is trying to feed more than 600 dogs that she visits in 7 different zones in a 300 km area around where she lives. In this video she says that the entire area is an area of deprivation, people are poor, not educated and that they do not care about strays. She and other volunteers get no help from them. Their funds are limited, and they are trying to collect enough of food for the dogs, which amounts to 1500 kg of dry food per month. Sebahat and the volunteers are also working on spaying project for which they have been saving for a while now. They are working hard, but they need more funds.

​Meet Cigdem

Meet Cigdem. In this video wonderful volunteer Cigdem shows the after condition of the dog treated for mange. The before photo is in the thumbnail. Cigdem says that these doggies are not well fed because of which they are susceptible to parasitic infections like mange. Mange are easy to treat but the treatments, the pills, need to be given regularly. This is another great use for the emergency shelter, so that dogs that are being treated for mange could be held there.

Hear Dr. Ender Talk About Sebahat, Cigdem and Strays of Kastamonu. 

Problems With Locals

In this video Sebahat introduces herself. She says she is trying to help about 600 doggies. She says that they try to build primitive shelters for them in the garbage field but ignorant people even steal those sheds. They take them and burn them. She says they stole wood they left behind. Sebahat says that if they could build a shelter on a land that belongs to them then the locals could not enter private property. Whatever they do for the dogs there on the public land is either stolen or demolished.

Hungry Doggies Everywhere

In this video Sebahat is explaining about sick doggies and puppies everywhere and people who do not care to give them food. They have no pity. She says that she tries to feed these helpless souls and she is asking for your help. 

Having emergency shelter for puppies would help a lot, and we are hoping that it would help us facilitate more adoptions as well. 

Sebahat About Her Work And Use For The Land Part 1, 2, 3

My name is Sebahat I’m trying to feed and medically treat these helpless animals. I can come here twice a week, there are many sick ones among them, if I can have a land where I can keep them safe, feed and treat them properly that would be great. We need to spay and neuter them, but for that we need to keep them in a safe place for them to recover.

Cigdem Talks About Use of Land for Spay/Neuter Surgeries and Hardships of Stray Doggies

I’m Cigdem I’m a teacher. The biggest problem here is growth of stray animal population. They’re fend to themselves with many dying due to hunger, illness, abuse. We need to deal with root cause and reduce their numbers by spaying and neutering. But we need a place a safe zone to keep them after surgery. Villagers even steal the foods we leave for them here. They even steal these primitive sheds that we build. We need a land to build an “emergency shelter”. Please reach a hand.