Sebhat's Story Then And Now 

I live in Kastamonu city in Turkey. This is a small city in the underdeveloped part of Turkey where most of the population is cruel and ignorant towards stray animals. There is a lot of hatred and fear among people due to current political climate and the last thing people care about is a “filthy street animals”.

My own family was similar. My grandfather used to throw stray cats to the river. However, karma has caught up with his evil deeds. On his dying breath he kept saying “Get these cats off of me”.... continue reading

Sebahat and Cigdem are honest volunteers who work hard to help the strays doggies and who will use every bit of your support for the doggies. Below is what people who know them say about them.  

Dr Ender has been helping Sebahat and Cigdem for years. She is a Turkish doctor who lives in Ontario, CA. Hear what she says. 

Meet Arzu, the lady who adopted Sansli (Lucky) the blind doggie. She made this video to support Sebahat and to encourage adopting stray dogs.


Arzu says, I’m the mom of this blind dog. Sebahat rescued her from the dump ground in Inebolu (Kastamonu, Turkey). She doesn’t give up on any of these doggies, she doesn’t leave any of them behind. Lets help her build an emergency shelter and lets rescue more doggies. 

Mert lives in Canada. He has been helping Sebahat and Cigdem with English on social media and to facilitate a few adoptions of the Kastamonu strays to Canada. Hear what Mert says about Sebahat, Cigdem and the strays of Kastamonu.