This is the motto and objective statement of our new campaign. 


We set a goal to end suffering in the area of Kastamonu, Turkey. We are already feeding and medicating stray doggies in the area, hundreds of them, and now it is time to end the cycle, to catch, castrate and release them. 


A volunteer built for us a mathematical model to help us understand stray doggie population and impact of castrations year to year. We used model to set our goals and to find the best strategy. We learned that the most effective strategy is to focus on females first.  

To play with our model and try different strategies try our Castration Model Simulator.

As you know, our volunteers are located in Turkey thus this operation will be happening in Turkey. Due to currency exchange rate, for a very small amount from our North America and Europe based donors, we can make a large impact.

Our initial goal is to target the spaying/neutering 300 female dogs, and then move onto the male dogs as well as village dogs that we don’t feed right now. Please help us help them. Donate for a full or partial castration surgery if you can, or share our campaign. 

Our progress with photos of the doggies will be showed in full on our GoFundMe campaign page: 

IF YOU CAN’T SPONSOR THE SPAYING OF A DOGGIE, CONSIDER SPONSORING TO PROVIDE DRY AND WET FOOD FOR OUR HOMELESS PUPS. They are always hungry and always eat everything we bring to them. See them on our Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. 


Strictly population control contributions: 


Monthly support for food and medical:

One time kind donations: 


Thank you so much for your time, support and kind hearts!

Sebahat & Cigdem